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Raw Materials & Resources 03.26.15

Water, Waterways and Brazil

It may be difficult to believe that a country commonly referred to as the “Saudi Arabia of water” is facing its own water shortage. Yet, this is the case for many cities in Brazil, according to the New York Times.

Global Rebalancing 03.24.15

Datsun Heads Abroad

Nissan Motor Co. reintroduced its Datsun brand in India in an attempt to boost sales in emerging markets, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Global Rebalancing 03.19.15

Egypt Looks For Foreign Investment

Political leaders in Egypt are looking for foreign investment, according to the Financial Times, and are hosting a summit next month designed to boost interest.

Raw Materials & Resources 03.17.15

Falling Prices for Iron Ore

Prices for iron ore are now roughly one-third of what they were during the highs of 2011, according to Reuters. The lower prices are squeezing the margins of large ore producers while forcing the smaller ones to consolidate or close.